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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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today? naked in aprons these store employees say it's about making a statement. they made a statement all right. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now, check your wallets. see the cash in there? hour do you know it's real? and not fake. and what in the world is going on here.
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practically nude right in the middle of philly. right in the middle of the lunch hour on purpose. can you believe it? >> now fox 29 news at ten. first on fox check your pockets, your purses the money you might have might not be any good. might be counterfeit. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in center city. >> dave you found a lot of businesses hit with some funny money. iain, let me tell you here's a warning from the secret service about counterfeit hundred dollar bills at least half a dozen businesses on south street have been hit recently and secret service tells us tonight that as much as 50,000 a week in counterfeit bills are being passed in our area. >> this man is still steaming after one of his customers used this phony hundred dollar bill to pay for take out food at his restaurant on south street. >> should go to jail. >> reporter: he's one of five
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businesses on the 1500 blog of south street that accepted a counterfeit $100 bill or rejected the bill after employees became suspicious. savannah smith so crepe spotted the fake bill right away in it was pretty clearly counterfeit. looked weird and felt strange. most of the $100 looks knew. >> phony used at rex 1516 and the jet point wine bar but over at the quick fix jonathan hernandez says his co-worker was quick to spot the phony 100 when a customer tried to pay for his take ought food last weakened. >> she held it up the face or whatever it is didn't match up. and we didn't accept the bill. >> many times on the counterfeit notes the fine print log not be clear. smudged. >> reporter: agent al feaster of the secret service says counter phil bills are more common place than you would think. >> it's been estimated that anywhere between 45 and $50,000 in counterfeit currency weekly is passed here in the
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philadelphia district. >> reporter: he explained some of the ways you can spot a fake hundred with the naked eye or black light. it. >> has pure mint on it you can see the remnants. pure mint here. the water mark is the water mark of abraham lincoln on the five dollars bill. that should be benjamin frankl franklin. >> on the 100 it used to be. >> it will say 100 and shine red. >> just a low route route to take. >> reporter: a sixth business at third and south was hit with counterfeit $20 bills. business owners say they used word of mouth to spread the word on south street about the bogus bills. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. skyfox over an apartment building in cherry hill. window washer fell and then died while working at the cherry hill towers on route 38. it stands 13 stories high. we don't have the details behind what exactly happened. police have yet to release and identity of the window washer.
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heart-breakinbreaking story out philadelphia where it started as police call about a stolen car and it ended with a mother finding her seven-year-old daughter unconscious in her home and now the child's 18-year-old brother is facing charges. >> all of this began early this morning along the 5500 block of north american street in olney. mother called police to report her car stolen. when they arrived, they all discovered the seven-year-old daughter unconscious on the basement floor with a bag over her head. police now say that little girl's brother stole their mom's car and he now faces attempted murder charges. >> she's such an adorable little girl. she is such adorable and i'm just like heart broken i can't believe she's going through th this. >> mother says her son has been having trouble with drugs and has been smoking synthetic marijuana and so far police have not found him. developing right now, library story time for little kids not exactly where you'd
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expect to find controversy but a plan to have drag queens tell stories at a cherry hill library has people talking. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in cherry hill tonight. dave, what's the plan? >> reporter: iain, this event doesn't take place until about three weeks from now, but it's already drawing a lot of controversy. >> no, not at all. i would not bring my kids like this. >> reporter: randall roland is not giving a second thought keeping his kids away from the drag queen story time event neck month at the cherry hill public library. >> not what i live by. not what i try to stand for. so, um, i think we should learn how to love everyone. >> reporter: drag diva duo the shear sisters will be reading to the kids on june 19th. as part of the library's celebrating lgbt pride month but parents we talked with have mixed emotions. >> parents want to bring their children, that's their decision. that's their choice. that wouldn't be something i would do. but everybody is welcome to make
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their own choice. >> yeah, absolutely i would go. yes. definitely i would take my daughter. i'd take my son. >> reporter: in fact jay says it's somewhat personal. >> i thought it was such a great idea. being that i have two family members that love to dress up and be drag queens so i really felt like, um, that's something that the world needs to see that. >> reporter: the idea is not new. in fact it's a national thing. the website drag queen story hour has pictures of previous youth reading sessions which happen in la, new york and san francisco. it says the story hour gives kids glamorous and inquiry roll model who defy rigid gender restrictions. the national review just ran an essay which says the story our movement merely indoctrinates children into a liberal agenda. >> i'm not surprised. >> deena organized the drag queen story time season the biological sister of one of the shear sister. >> we just wanted this to be a fun event for children to come,
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learn about issues of diversity inclusive have the and toleran tolerance. >> reporter: the organizers say this event is booked up they say the shear sisters are volunteering their time. they're not getting paid. back to you. >> dave, thanks. you know the saying less is more. definitely the case during unusual protest in center city today. it's not often you get a little nudity on your lunch break people at rittenhouse were take it off. >> they say they had a good reason. chilly to go naked tonight. chris o'connell fully dressed is live in center city. now these folks, chris, dropped their pants to raise awareness. >> reporter: that is right, lucy. it all was here on chestnut street. wall net street. jaws were absolutely dropping. traffic was stopped. people came to a standstill all over a protest a demonstration like no other. there were no signs. there were no chants. there were no marches. they got enough attention by
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just wearing their birthday suits. ♪ >> reporter: the rittenhouse lunch crowd was treated to more than just street music today. make that a lot more. ♪ >> reporter: this is what 15th and walnut looked like today outside of lush cosmetics. >> what? >> why? >> why? >> reporter: that was the reaction of many passers by when they saw nearly a dozen of the stoe staff on the street and all in their glory. well not exactly naked but pretty close. >> people got to see a lot more of our employees than normal. >> come to go work with no clothes on was the company's idea. in fact it was a publicity stunt to raise air wearness for excessive wasteful packaging in the cosmetic industry. something the british company is passionate about. more than a third of the company's product products are d themselves with no packaging whatsoever. >> we try to be as
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environmentally conscious as possible. so of course the most eco friendly packaging is no packaging. >> reporter: did their message work? ask ryan. we did. >> i have microphone i'm not sure where to put it. >> he was the only dude who disrobed and says it was invigorating. >> majority of the feedback was positive. we got a lot of hoots and hollers which is really nice. some people did say that they didn't think it was too pretty. >> reporter: by most accounts the packaging protest worked. it blew up on social media and customers haven't stopped talking about it. >> there's been lots of people who came back after the event today even. >> i'll bet they did. >> came back to shop. >> it raises awareness it caught people's attention. >> reporter: and is that awareness they're talking about the company says there are 300,000 tons of debris floating in our world oceans coming from plastics. they say if showing a little behind gets their message across, they've done their job. lucy? >> all right. there you go.
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thank you very much, chris o'connell. kathy griffin lost her job at cnn. network calling her picture with the blood dieter severed head of president trump disgusting. and offensive. the president today tweeted kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick! >> law enforcement sources are telling our fox station in d.c. expect the secret service to come knocking on her door. also, question the photographer who took the picture. this is no joke of course. threatening the president of the united states whether or not you agree with him is a class e felon know punish initiatable by up to five years in prison are quarter million dollar fine. >> if we're talking about free speech and the right to say it she has as much right to pose with that shot as others ted nugent to say deplorable things about hillary clinton. >> also true there should be consequences for this type of violent imagery and i think people who employ kathy griffin
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should be asked if she continues to work for them. >> she did apologize. do you think kathy griffin's apology was sincere? some are questioning her body language and mannerisms wondering whether it is sincere with her appearing to roll her eyes several times and such. we posted the question on our fox 29 facebook page more than 4,000 people reactioned so far. some of you are backing her up. most are not. pennsylvania man arrested at the trump hotel is now in d.c. jail. d.c. police say 43-year-old brian moles from edinboro had a rifle, a handgun and nearly 100 rounds of ammo. pennsylvania state police say they got a tip about the possible threat and passed it on to d.c. authorities. the secret service says moles did not pose a threat to anyone they protect. prosecutors have charged moles with carrying a pistol without a license and he's due in court tomorrow. ♪ >> in 90 seconds racism hits home for lebron james literally home. graphic graffiti painted on his front gate.
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no matter how much money you have, um, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you -- >> to this day you can't escape racism even if you are king james. and in four minutes almost one year ago to this day terror reigned at a nightclub and tonight we are a witness to what played out at pulse through the body cameras of the first officers on the scene. and what happened on i-295 last week when a young woman with a bright future lost her life in a car crash? in six minutes it's not cut and dry. and her family wants to know how their sweet girl died.
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>> rain coming for part of the weekend. i'll have that coming up later on in the broadcast. >> all right. he's one of the greatest athletes of all time and one of the most recognizable names and faces on the planet but even lebron james isn't immune to racism. investigators say someone spray paint add racist word on the front gates of his los angeles home early this morning. >> lebron was not home at the time. he already left for the bay area with the rest of his team for tomorrow night's nba finals against the warriors but did he address vandalism and racism in america in a news conference today. >> no matter how much money you have, um, no mother how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is -- it's tough. we got a long way to go.
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>> if anyone gets the climate of race relations in it's u penn race relations chad lassiter. jeff cole has been talking with him. >> so why, though, in doing something like this and writing this horrible word on this gate what do you think they get done? >> how do you hurt him in that way. >> you don't hurt lebron james but for mindsets the psyche of white supremacy, whoever did this, it make them feel good temporarily but this should not be happening on the hills of his seventh straight finals. the mere fact we're looking at golden state versus cleveland cavaliers this is the trilogy. we should be really excited about this moment that we have that lebron james could bring a second championship to cleveland or golden state could win the championship. >> you're suggesting it's not just his athletic prowness which makes him the best person to ever play the game professionally? i would debate that for me. for me it's michael julius. >> julius irving as well. >> you can say that.
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>> either way, it's the culture icon that he is, what he represents in much larger that angers people. >> the money these athletes make specifically these black athletes. they're making enormous amount of money and then it's also the fact that he doesn't fit the narrative. the racial narrative. stereo typical narrative rooted in bigotry and bias and prejudice and diss extra in a tower act he doesn't fit those narrative's. >> investigators are reviewing security video to figure out who is responsible. >> south jersey teacher accused of taking up skirt pictures of his students medford township police are right that's what eric howl has been doing at lenape high school. they say he took videos of the girls in his classroom and in hallways. fox 291st broke the story about the investigation earlier this month. howl taught chemistry. tonight he's facing several charges. the school has banned him from its property and events. it's dark and hard to see but the terror being picked up by police body cam video inside
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orlando pulse nightclub is real. the never before seen videos puts you in the mill of the horror and up close to the shooter omar mateen last june. fox's tom johnson has the heart-stopping story. >> reporter: shooting in pulse nightclub is just minutes old. orlando police officer figueroa driving 100 miles per hour desperate to get there. desperate to help. >> oh, man i got to get there. >> reporter: at the scene, chaos and fear outside. >> go, come to me, come to me. this way. >> let's go. let's go. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: >> get back, get back. >> reporter: inside, come out with your hands up or you will die. gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: suffering and death.
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>> there's a hallway that goes into the main area i guess and there's they're bodies everywhere body camera video comes from nine different officers. >> lord jesus watch over here me. >> and three different police agencies. >> many gunshot victims. they'll need a lot of people. >> it is brutal. >> i got someone shot back here. i need some help. i got someone shot in my car, let's go. >> reporter: terrifying. and sad. >> what's that? >> 23 on the floor dead. >> reporter: but it gives an important vivid first person perspective on the most horrific shooting in american history. >> i've got three here and i got five there. >> okay. >> all gunshot wounds. >> reporter: a night that will never and should never be forgotten. the night evil brought death to a tiny orlando nightclub. >> i have information on the phone of the shooter. omar mateen. >> reporter: called pulse. >> this way. this way. just go, just go. >> this is the result of a
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freedom of information request by the way which is why we're now seeing it. >> it's just brings back horrific evening and of course one of our interns was involved in that. >> yeah, she was. she survived that. she was in the bathroom hold up with a bunch of other folks who did not make it. and it shows you what our first responders go into almost every day. >> absolutely. >> all right. happening right now, a family's debt pate for answers in the death avenue 19-year-old girl. a rowan university student. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live in bellmawr tonight where she talk to the young woman's family desperate for answers. shawnette. >> reporter: they buried that beautiful 19-year-old this past weekend and talking to her mom tonight she was completely in a daze. she still has a lot of questions about what happened and tonight the family is hoping anyone who saw something will contact police about what they saw that night. >> it's already getting -- >> you're on video. >> this cell phone video of selena enrages getting ready for
10:20 pm
úher senior prom in 2015 shows the beauty and infectious smile her family describes. >> she had very bubbly personality. >> but the video is all they have left. along with pictures of the 19-year-old killed in a car crash last week. >> a lot of emotions, you know, just very sad. it's been very hard. >> her brother joshua and her mother jean say the hardest part is not knowing exactly what caused the car to crash. >> confused, you know, just trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> investigators say selena was in this honda with her boyfriend 20-year-old raymond mason when he lost control driving on 295 near woodbury and slammed in a tree. >> i asked him i need tome see my baby. and they won't let me go near her. >> new jersey state police say they're still looking into why the car went off the road. but her family says a witness told them it was a hit-and-run caused by a driver changing
10:21 pm
lanes. >> the car that was in the fast lane moved over into their lane and clipped the front end of them which made him lose contr control. >> selena was a bright teen going into her junior year at rowan university while workin wa full-time job and old volunteering at an animal shelter. her family is begging for anyone who knows something to say something. >> there's nothing like losing a child. there's no comparison. you can't compare it. >> reporter: and new jersey state police told me on the phone this evening that this remains an open investigation. they would not say whether they suspect this was hit-and-run but they do say they are not ready to rule out anything. lucy? >> all right. thank you much, shawnette. we just got our hands on the video of tiger woods dui arrest, and it is not pretty. >> so you got no place better to get busy than the roof of a boscov's? come on, yo. the couple they got caught. hope it was worth it.
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>> rooftop ren day 52 at a montgomery county mall. a local come couple facing charges for having sex on the roof of a boscovs in pottstown. mall security caught them in the act. called the cops. and now jack and alyssa face disorderly conduct charges for what happened last tuesday.
10:25 pm
new tonight just released dash cam video from tiger woods dui arrest. earlier tonight, i talked with fox's matt, who was with police in jupiter florida as they released the video. take look. >> all right. nope. but your right foot in front of your left foot. >> right foot in front of -- >> yup. >> fox matt from our sister station in orlando got a copy of that video as it was released and matt this is not the tiger woods that we are used to seei seeing. >> absolutely not the tiger woods we're used to seeing much people used to seeing him prevailing on the golf course and instead we're seeing him in grainy dash cam video almost black and white being interrogated by two police officers who are trying to walk him mainly through a field sobriety test what we're seeing on the dash cam video and he is just flailing about miserably. looking delirious and confused and not able to follow instructions. it is tiger woods unlike any
10:26 pm
that we are normally used to seeing. they asked him to recite the alphabet. not recite the alphabet backwards or anythig like that just simi recite the alphabet and when they asked woods if he can, f he understood that instruction, they say do you understand the instructions? and he said yes. and he says, so what are the instructions. >> he says, you want me to recite the national anthem backwards. and that's when the police officer says recite the national anthem backwards? and woods says right. then it takes him about three or four more times before he understands that he needs to simply recite the alphabet and eventually does he. it takes him about four or five times to get it right. >> all right. incredible video. we appreciate the insight from there in jupiter. matt, thanks. ♪ state of limbo for this ne jersey dad accused of killing his three-year-old boy. but a jury could not decide if he did it. so what now? >> what do you do when you're home drunk, little lonely, you're feeling, you call 911.
10:27 pm
obviously. repetedly. yeah, it happened. >> it doesn't sound like a good move. ♪ ♪ and the number on the back is... yeah i'm going to have to call you back. hey...hold on... we understand people lose things. here ya go, sarah.
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>> happening right now prosecutors in camden county say they will retry david creato for the death of his young son after five days of deliberations jurors could not reach a verdict. >> fox 29's bruce gordon has been following this case from the start and has the story from camden. >> ma'am, any comment at all? >> prosecutor christine shaw in the light blue and brendan' mother samantha dinato with brushed past reporters looking for reaction to the mistrial. >> any comment at all? >> yes. please let the family through. >> moments earlier inside the courtroom jurors told the judge they cannot reach a new nan mus verdict. murder and the lesser offense of endangering the welfare of a child. >> at this point in time i'm going to dismiss you and thank you for your services. >> reporter: 23 year defendant showed little emotion but his mother could be seen dabbing away tears. defense attorney richard. >> dj is upset.
10:31 pm
he wanted to go home today. he wanted to be with his family. >> he called police on the morning of october 13th 2015 to report his three-year-old son brendan missing from the haddon township apartment they shared. >> i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is. the door was lock. i guess he unlock it and left. >> several hours later the boy's body was found in a creek in wooded area about three quarters of a mile away. evidence suggested he had been placed there. >> no, no, no, no, no. you can tell me this. >> i'm sorry, sir. >> my best friend. i love him so much. >> as part of deliberations jurors watch the video of police notifying creato of his son's death four times. and retrospect possible hint they were stalled. prosecutors claim he killed his son because brendan got in the wave his relationship with a teenaged girlfriend the two in constant communication but prosecutor cos not produce any text messages suggesting he was willing to do away with the boy. nor did they have any eyewitnesses to the crime not
10:32 pm
even a specific cause of brendan's death. the deadlocked jury did not surprise him. >> no evidence. no direct evidence. i mean, i really believe that they couldn't prove their case wrapped a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: so we do it all again. back in court on july 5th to discuss the next step in the legal process with prosecutors say they will retry david crea creato. in the midst of it all a gut wrenching milestone. brendan would have, should have turned five on thursday. in camden, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. in bucks county opening statements started in the trial of the man accused of keeping a dozen girls in his home and sexually assaulting many of th them. today the woman testified in the lee kaplan trial. prosecutors say she and her husband daniel gave their daughters to kaplan including one whom he impressioned twice. their mom told the jury she knew about the sexual activity but believed it could quote be a good thing. president donald trump is no stranger to twitter.
10:33 pm
not before nor how during his presidency and today is early morning tweet sent the internet on fire and left people speculating all day including our hank flynn. ♪ >> reporter: covfefe. covfefe. >> it's hank. president donald j. trauma was doing late night tweeting last night as he does, one of them got loose a little bit passed midnight my take is, covfefe may be the thing to bring us altogether. or not. >> the tweet began on familiar ground president trump blasting his bad press the way it ended with previously non existent word covfefe. word exists now thanks to trump covfefe gave the internet a stroke and no one knows what it mean. >> i don't know, i don't have a clue. that's why i stopped and asked you. >> we'll be getting weird
10:34 pm
incoherent tweets from the president of the united states. i'm going to have to get weird to understand them. >> covfefe. >> i made a sign to invite discussion. >> cafe fay. >> i stood on my head down on south street i do my best thinking that way. cindy told me trump was just tired. >> he's deprived of sleep. he just doesn't know. my thought is we all just need add cup of coffee today despite all the press. >> reporter: maybe covfefe is cafe -- kathy griffin be headed trump picture got the sad trombone yesterday. twitter was best today covfefe slips and slams trump pull the original tweet but sent another saying who knows wait means, enjoy i stood on one leg for ill woo. hoping for enlightenment i planked in couple of places. what am i doing. president donald trump candidacy and presidency too have been referred to as a performance art
10:35 pm
project by some the figure best i can do is make one out of myself. standing in the window of the mews gallery on second i gancey the light with the help of curator diane lack man. >> i think it's hilarious everybody is making so much of it because i think he obviously just fell asleep while his hand was on the phone. >> she's right. we have have better thing to do than goof on president who songs out finger on the twitter trigger he bought the ticket this is the ride. you want to be president. everybody sees your tweets maybe he'll learn from the mistake and not repeat it to be honest i don't think he waved any sleep over it. i'm hank and that's my take. >> ♪ i mean twitter melted down. there was bold responses. >> it still is. >> i think it's covfefe or covfefe. i think it depends on your mood. it could be covfefe. >> four or five different ways to pronounce it. >> there's also t-shirts and all kinds of merchandise. >> there is. >> retweets. what will it be tonight?
10:36 pm
>> i love it because we're all covfefe at heart, don't you think. >> i think so. >> that's right. parents, if you bring your teenagers to margate get a handle on them. that is the warning from police after a rowdy memorial day weekend. three teens were arrested in a beach fight. about 300 kids involved incredible. an officer was hit with greater aid bottle later that night the group gathered outside a wawa and police arrest add dozen people under the age of 20 for alcohol, marijuana and fighting. pennsylvania man facing charges for drunk dialing 91151-year-old larry kaiser from lehigh county called 911 over and over because he was lonely. just wanted to talk to someone. when police arrived at his home kaiser said he was drinking because he was upset over family problems. he said he's stop calling but he called again. then discovered a bunch of new people to talk with in jail. you think you know what's about to happen here. this is in our area. car if you would over, cop at the window. ticket, right? how about a hug
10:37 pm
instead? i'll take it. >> i'll take a hug any day. ♪ from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them.
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but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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a warning tonight from veterans affairs secretary david shulkin about the department's
10:40 pm
struggles with providing care for vets. va has been in a state of disrepair for a long time now. the trump administration has released its first state of the va report. he says there's a lot of work left to be especially with wait times. the report found that there are long wait times at least 30 locations across the country. tomorrow the white house and va are launching a joint complaint hotline for vets which should be fully response alibi mid august. tomorrow the white house and va will launch that as i said it operational by mid august. okay. another day. another case of someone being removed from a plane. >> yeah. this time it was on delta flight leaving tampa yesterday. >> sir, i'm going to ask you one more time. will you please exit the aircraft. >> no, no, no, no. that's not necessary. that is not necessary. >> flight attendants say the man was angry because he overhead bin had no more room. what did he do? through another passenger's bag in the aisle the say. the officers asked him several times to leave the plane at the
10:41 pm
captain's request but he refus refused. >> all right. day goes from bad to worse when a woman is pulled over in new jersey. >> but little compassion from the officer helped brighten her day. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> can i get a hug? >> i'm going to give you a hug. >> you can give me hug if you want. what kind of soda are you going get. >> root beer. >> gloucester township officer tom sherman getting a hug. he pulled over the woman earlier this month noticed she was incredibly anxious and after calming her down and learning she had been going through some tough times, he decided to not give her a ticket, a gesture she was obviously very grateful for. that's a nice thing. makes me happy. >> um-hmm. >> kathy, i think what we need to have in our forecast is a covfefe type of day. >> we'll finally have a really nice day. >> is it covfefe. >> a covfefe type of day? do you have any idea what i'm talking. >> no. >> president trump's tweet. >> glad we cleared it up. don't get too used to the nice weather because rain will be back in the forecast right in
10:42 pm
time for the weekend. sorry.
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>> reports philadelphia mayor jim kenney along with the rest of the cure on the iceland air flight finally landed in the nation's capital tonight. last night the maiden flight
10:45 pm
from international took off for iceland but diverted to boston because of a smell of rubber. the new flight did land and it took off this afternoon. so there you go. ♪ in your health we all know the dangers of smoking and even second hand smoke but you may not be aware of another smokin g danger called third hand smoke. it's residue you can't see or even smell and young kids may be most at risk. fox 29's joyce evans joins us now to explain. joyce? >> reporter: iain, you know that smokers are now saying that they're being picked on yet again and that non smokers overreacting in on i've going effort to punish those who choose to smoke cigarettes. even others contend the research is flawed. but the newest study published in scientific report social security not the first look at the effects of so-called third hand smoke. especially on the most vulnerable people. >> we're going to inhale as much as you can. blow out as much as you can. >> reporter: eileen mccormic mccormick's routine breathing
10:46 pm
test. this is every month along with two shots of a steroid serum. cigarette smoke is an arch enemy she's been telling people that for years whether there's smoke in a room, outside a room, she knows when the lurking somewhe somewhere. >> you can feel it. i can feel my system changing. when i'm around smoke. even when i can't smell it. i don't know if there's some residue that's left by smoking but i can feel it in my throat and in my chest and my bronchial tubes. i need to make my next appointment. >> reporter: new study has found that eileen is likely reacting to something called third hand smoke. scientists say it's just about everywhere a smoker has spent some time. and left a little something behind. >> and most people really have not thought about that. >> reporter: asthma and allergy expert dr. sandra, says even when a smoker only smoking outdoors, a non smoker may be not be escaping harm. >> the irritant smell is there
10:47 pm
and over 7,000 chemicals in exhaled cigarette smoke. sticks on furniture, your skin, your clothing and you can transfer it. >> reporter: researchers say they found traces of nicotine in the hands of children. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> reporter: says retired pre-school teacher. >> and children will come in to school smelling like they were the ones smoking. i used to have to hang their coats outside so the whole classroom didn't smell. it's harder looking at a three an four-year-old that smell like a cigarette and knowing that there's nothing you can do to save them from that. >> reporter: eileen can barely escape it herself. >> and at times, i've had to use a rescue inhaler so that i can breathe properly. >> that's not even second hand smoke. >> no, that's just from smelling it on their clothes. >> there's no really easy way to avoid it. i wish i had a solution, you know, putting on a mask is not going to solve the problem. >> reporter: now, eileen and dr. got chuck say that that are some precautions you can tay tay he is special physical you're
10:48 pm
searching for lodging and car rentals during the vacation season. eileen demands smoke free a dom nations there are some property that is ban smoking anywhere on their grounds but not that many. and consider destinations that are airy and breezy lots of air circulation that is what the doctor says and just ask to be moved if you can still smell smoke. iain. >> joyce, thank you. best to never light up in the first place i guess. >> reporter: we have breaking news coming into the fox 29 studios right now. someone has stabbed councilman david oh in the back. we have a crew on the way to penn presbyterian hospital. this happened on the 5800 block of thomas avenue in southwest philly. we understand he was getting out of his car in front of his home when he was attacked. we also are hearing that he's stable. councilman oh is an at large council member all of this is breaking right now. we'll have much more as it comes in. ♪ all right. it is quite the night here in philadelphia.
10:49 pm
live look at ben franklin parkway. got some trouble brewing. kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. >> temperatures still in the 70ings across the region. we do have a partly cloudy sky but earlier few showers and storms moved through the high today 80 in the city. winds out of the south southwest still pretty warm in pottstown and allentown. trenton at 71. 68 in wilmington and down the shore temperatures still in the 60s. the ocean water temperature sitting at 63 degrees. as we look at ultimate doppler earlier right over doylestown this evening an explosion of a thunderstorm moving through parts of northern mercer county and then toward the shore but it fizzled out as it moved toward the northern jersey shore to the north of toms river. elsewhere just seeing drying conditions little bit of fog overnight with this front moving through high pressure building
10:50 pm
in and tomorrow expecting bright sunshine with a westerly wind at about ten to 20 miles an hour. so it will be breezy but it will be pleasant. june begins tomorrow and for at least the early part of the month we're talking about the trend being below average in temperature. that means temperatures below those normal highs. june 1st the normal is 78. by the end of the month 85 is the norm. and above average in the precipitation department. may has been damp and dreary and it look like the beginning of the month at least june will be more unsettled with more clouds and more showers at least after the first few days of the month. overnight tonight looking for a partly cloudy sky. patchy fog developing overnight with temperatures around 61. during the day tomorrow, looking pretty decent. starring off in the 60s. by about the noon hour, making it around 80 degrees. and then seeing that westerly wind kick up about 15 to 20 miles an hour late in the day on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday looks good. so does saturday. some showers for sunday. and then look. unsettled for monday and tuesday
10:51 pm
with cooler temperatures. only in the 60s by tuesday. hopefully the second half of the month will be warmer. we'll zen it over to you, sean. kathy, the phils can't wait for june to get here. may has been awful for them. wee take look back at a month made for nightmares plus we take a look at the stanley cup finals the penguins looking to take a strangle hold on the series. see if nashville could hold them back next in sports. ♪ are allergies holding you back?
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♪ when you get swept by the third worse team in baseball, you know you're in trouble. the phils didn't even come close to being the marlins in the first two games and it got worse in the third. aaron nola started this game and he's another guy that's been disappointing in this season. in the first he let up a two run shot. nola went through innings giving up four runs. to the bottom of the third maikel franco botches his place. that should have been an error. they didn't call one. the marlins six a four-zip lead. look at this shot 21 homer right there the phils lose ten-two g getting swept by the marlins. to the dodgers and cardinals in the eighth upping tied at
10:55 pm
one. cardinals dexter fowler with a solo shot right there to right. cardinals win two-one ending the dodgers six game winning streak. to the stanley come finals penguins took game one from the predators too early to call game two a must within situation you don't want to go to the zero-two to the pittsburgh penguins. 102nd into the period tied at one they lose the face off and jake, gets the goal right here. pittsburgh jumped all over nas nashville after that. they're up four-one in the third period and back to the phils. it's been an a historically bad month. they went six and 22. worse month in almost a decade plus they haven't had a may this bad since 1928. let's take look back on a month we would all love to forget. ♪ freddie's throw to first goes by
10:56 pm
the player. the winning run will score. >> al tear going back and it is gone. de ja vu all over again. ♪ >> it goes under the glove of tommy joseph and two runs will score. >> i don't get it. i don't get it. >> ♪ >> ooh, hit him. unbelievable. >> ♪ >> cesar. ♪ >> might get 20 today. ♪ >> i don't get it. i don't get it. >> strike three called al tear down looking the ballgame is over. i don't get it. >> sums up their may your reaction kathy when you said oh, boy. >> the baby was crying. that's when you know it's really bad. [ laughter ] >> i don't get it. i don't get it. may is over.
10:57 pm
lucy what's coming up at 11. >> on top of breaking news. someone stabbed philadelphia councilman david oh. details are coming into our newsroom right now. we understand it happened right outside of his home. we'll bring you more at 11:00. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes and your life powerball drawing is next. ♪ fast play oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly. ♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets.
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